HedgeWeek explores how hedge funds may adapt to keep pace with new regulation in a recent article, which quotes Kavita Devani, Head of Compliance Operations at Coremont.

Hedge funds now have to really think about what they outsource, and how, because burdens are increasing. There is a lot more compliance oversight required – striking the right balance between outsourcing, yet maintaining control is key,” said Kavita Devani.

She continued: “For emerging managers, although funding is always going to be an issue, they do want to outsource a lot of the procedural day-to-day tasks. Of course, they keep the regulatory obligation, and therefore need to be in control of what is being done, how it’s being monitored, who is looking at it, to ensure they have oversight at all times.”

Please view the full article on HedgeWeek’s website at the link below.

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