Our Story

Coremont was founded in 2018 but Clarion, our market-leading platform, leverages two decades of navigating the financial markets and servicing one of the most successful and sophisticated absolute return managers in the world, Brevan Howard.

Coremont span out of Brevan Howard with the vision to offer the institutional-grade platform it had built to other managers and financial institutions. Clarion supports even the most complex portfolios, no matter the asset class, and can accommodate the most active strategies.

We believe in driving the expansion in usage of complex derivatives and emerging asset classes from niche hedge-funds into global asset managers, asset owners, and diversified investors.

Led by CEO Jev Mehmet, our Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience from leading names across the investment management industry and strong experience in scaling fast-growth technology businesses.

Our highly-experienced team partners with clients across all investment management and trading functions. By partnering with Coremont, our clients gain better insight and the time to focus on growing their business. They hone their competitive advantage, originate and implement investment ideas, service their clients and generate alpha. The rest, they trust to us.

More information about Coremont can be found in this factsheet.

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