Market-leading Treasury Services
Coremont’s bespoke Treasury Services offer clients an improved credit profile with increased yield, without impacting their existing operating model.


Our expert Treasury professionals can support all our clients’ cash management activities. The team is able to execute treasury-related transactions on behalf of clients, as part of an FCA-authorised firm dedicated to the highest standards of practice.


Our team structures portfolios to offer daily liquidity with potential for same day trading to match liabilities or cash flow. Our transparent, tactical approach optimises clients’ unencumbered cash investments, as well as reducing both errors and cost.
A complete solution
Cash operations
  • Cash projection and cash management
  • Processing and validation of margin calls across all products
  • Independent calculation and reconciliation of Initial and Variation Margin on all OTC and cleared derivatives, with any discrepancies investigated,
  • FX financing, Repo financing and balance sheet management
  • Ensuring cash balances at prime brokers are kept at a minimum by utilising proprietary cash projection tools, to avoid incurring unnecessary fees
FX hedging
  • Hedging of non-base currency share classes and P&L
  • Hedging of subscription and redemption capital activity for multi-currency share classes
  • Hedging of management and performance fees for multi-currency share classes
Collateral management
  • Full collateral management support across cleared and non-cleared OTC derivatives
  • Validation of daily initial margin calls across CCPs, prime brokers, clearers and OTC counterparties
  • Analysis of cash utilisation and optimisation through margin simulation tools
  • Full support of Uncleared Margin Rules; reconciliation with all major counterparties
Yield enhancement
  • Optimisation of unencumbered cash investments
  • Improves credit profile with increased yield without impacting existing operating model
  • Structures portfolios to offer daily liquidity with potential for same day trading to match liabilities or cash flow
  • Recognises and takes advantage of favourable tactical funding opportunities
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