Client Challenge
A large, multinational firm wished to extend its capabilities in investing and managing live market risk in financial markets with an emphasis on equities, its traditional domain having been in private markets.
Coremont's Solution

Coremont’s end-to-end solution provided instant access to deep modelling expertise in equities, including options and OTC derivatives, and the capacity to tailor risk reporting to the client’s requirements. Coremont’s full trade life-cycle support, including the deployment of Clarion and dedicated support for the processing of corporate actions and expiries, minimised the client’s operational risk, allowing it to focus on its expertise in stock selection and trade structuring. Our compliance services ensured the effective policing of the client’s disclosure obligations – an acute area of risk for equity managers. Coremont fully on-boarded two prime brokers and an administrator in the space of three weeks.


Estimated savings to the client of 40%, compared to alternative offerings, and an instant upgrade of the client’s live risk management capabilities, meeting the demands of its internal stakeholders for institutional rigour in its trading operations.


Estimated savings to the client compared to alternative offerings.

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