Client Challenge

A growing, Asia-based macro manager wished to quickly establish investing and derivatives trading capabilities across global markets, in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Coremont's Solution

Coremont implemented a full service solution with portfolio management in Clarion underpinned by support services across all components of the investment lifecycle: quantitative analysis, risk management, operations, treasury and compliance. Coremont also project-managed the client’s fund launch, coordinating across all service providers, including prime brokers, counterparties, the administrator, the auditor, legal counsel and fund directors.


Estimated savings to the client of 30% compared to alternative offerings:

  • Requirement for support staff significantly reduced, notably in quant, risk management and ops functions
  • Technology footprint minimised through the web-based deployment of Clarion

Savings further augmented by yield enhancement achieved by Coremont’s treasury team through selective investment of client unencumbered cash in global government bonds. Dramatic reduction in the client’s time-to-market, with all aspects of the fund launch coordinated in two months. As the client grows, by increasing the number of investment professionals or trading strategies, it will further reap the benefits of Coremont’s economies of scale.


Estimated savings to the client compared to alternative offerings.

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