Commitment to operational excellence

Coremont provides a complete suite of trade processing and accounting services, leveraging a battle-tested platform that handles institutionally high trading volumes.

Our clients leverage Coremont’s Investment Book of Record (IBOR) to provide real-time, granular and consolidated portfolio views through Clarion. Clarion is our cloud-based portfolio management technology, with full hosting of data & models, across rates, fixed income, credit, FX, equities, commodities and cryptocurrencies, including extensive derivatives coverage.

We offer a single instance of our trade lifecycle management engine across all asset classes and every phase of the trade lifecycle is underpinned by the same analytics and pricing models.

Our clients benefit from both a reduction in operational complexity and errors, and consistency in valuations. We boast a 99% STP rate for institutionally high trading volumes across all asset classes.

A complete solution
Full trade lifecycle support
  • Trade capture and downstream processing
  • Real time trade affirmation
  • Reconciliation to middleware platforms and counterparties
  • T0 P&L production
  • Lifecycle event processing
  • Compression services
Comprehensive Valuation Control Solution
  • Robust daily control environment that ensures accurate P&L reporting and oversight of the administrator on behalf of clients
  • Daily P&L production
  • Fund fee calculations
  • Cash reconciliation against custodians and prime brokers
  • Final NAV verification
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Operations Concierge and Valuation Control in more detail:
Rich library of models & data

Battle-tested proprietary pricing models underpin all stages of the investment lifecycle.

By centralising pricing and analytics, Coremont ensures both a reduction in operational complexity and errors, and consistency of valuations.

Multi-asset coverage from rates, fixed income, credit, FX, equities and commodities, to advanced capabilities in listed and OTC derivatives.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated with execution platforms, matching middleware platforms, prime brokers, custodians, clearers and administrators.

A 99% STP rate for institutionally high trading volumes across all asset classes.

Maintenance of the security master and static data on behalf of clients, with all trade details captured on one single platform.

An extension of your team

Coremont’s team of experts take care of all trade lifecycle elements, including resolving trade discrepancies directly with counterparties and brokers.

Coremont’s capabilities remove the need for clients to have substantial middle and back office teams in-house.

Presence in London, Connecticut and Hong Kong provides 24-hour support to our global client base.

Accessible anywhere

Coremont’s cloud-based portfolio management technology, Clarion, can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Clarion provides clients with instant access, transparency and control of daily live positions, P&L and risk.

Reports are available for instant download via Clarion, on mobile devices and systematically via protocols, such as SFTP.