Market-leading technology, analytics and data

The cornerstone of Coremont’s offering is Clarion

  • Cloud-based portfolio management technology

  • Supports clients operating at a large scale in terms of trading volumes and breadth of instrument types

  • Powered by our proprietary trading analytics library, with coverage in all asset classes: rates, fixed income, credit, FX, equities and commodities

Clarion, our cloud-based platform
  • Fully hosted data and models
  • Live P&L, risk and positions
  • Cross-asset PMS with rich capabilities in derivatives modelling
  • Integrated OMS with the ability to send trades to executing platforms
  • Pre-trade structuring and scenario analysis
  • User configurable and customisable
  • Charting and visualisation tools
  • Public API framework across all asset classes, exposing full historical data for back-testing
Discover how our technology could help transform your organisation as it grows and diversifies.
Our platform is built on the foundations of:
Models & data

Proprietary models to manage risk across all major asset classes, aligned to market best practice. Battle tested by some of the world’s most demanding portfolio managers and traders. Market data is rich and differentiated.

All our market data is embedded in our offering, removing the need for clients to engage in direct contractual arrangements themselves, simplifying their environment and reducing complexity.


Cloud-based, fully hosted portfolio management technology that is highly responsive to evolving user needs.

Regular release cadence of multiple times per week ensures rapid response to client needs.

Our clients are not constrained by in-house technology capacity limitations or the headache of managing new version upgrades.

Advanced risk monitoring

Our technology helps clients to actively monitor risk dimensions across all asset classes, undertake sophisticated VaR analysis, run pre-trade compliance and monitor their liquidity profiles.

Everything you need, all on one platform.

Market-leading analytics

Clarion’s proprietary front office analytics, harness our advanced capabilities in listed and OTC derivatives.

A strong feedback mechanism with our community of front office users ensures that valuation and risk outputs are closely aligned to market best practice.

Consistent valuation framework

Our centralised pricing and analytics library is curated by an experienced team of quants and risk professionals.

Every phase of the trade lifecycle is underpinned by the same analytics and pricing models.

Sophisticated reporting

Our risk reporting can be customised to meet each risk manager’s needs and our reports are designed in close consultation with our clients, taking into account their unique investment objectives and specific risk tolerances.

Our team helps clients fulfil the ever-growing reporting demands of their regulators and investors.

A web-based interface that is easy to deploy and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.