The software engineering graduate role at Coremont, with its blend of practical experience, guided mentorship and exposure to diverse projects, offers a compelling pathway for anyone aspiring to venture into the realm of financial technology. To download this article, which was written by Alex Goring, Software Engineer, (pictured right) please click here.

At Coremont, being a Graduate Software Engineer is not just about learning to code – it’s a journey of growth, collaboration and innovation. You will learn the basics of engineering, discover how to turn the company’s vision into reality, and ultimately gain the trust of your peers to deliver large-scale change independently. To achieve this, you will be surrounded by a team of experienced engineers, analysts and product leads, all with varying levels of understanding of the world of finance.

You will contribute to Coremont’s portfolio management technology, data and managed services across all investment management functions, with the capacity to support institutionally high trading volumes. At the hub of Coremont’s offering is Clarion, the cloud-based portfolio management system providing live risk, P&L and rich analytical tools to investment managers across all asset classes, including rates, fixed income, credit, fx and equities.

The graduate scheme is tailored to each individual. Typically, it lasts between twelve and fourteen months, where every two months you will join a new team with its own challenges, fresh perspectives and new team members. Each rotation offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Coremont technology stack and the investment management sector, with a focus on continuous learning to strengthen personal and professional growth. The rotations are not pre-determined; as you progress through the company you can dictate your own career path.

“In just a short amount of time, working at Coremont has enabled me to apply myself and grow in many ways, as a Software Engineer and beyond. The breadth of technologies I’ve been exposed to, coupled with the guidance from industry veterans, has provided me with invaluable experience. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to begin my career.”Hamza Shahid, 2023 graduate intake

What are the rotations?

There are a variety of exciting teams that you can rotate into, covering a wide range of technologies, languages and sectors, which comprise the building blocks of Clarion. Some examples include:

  • Public API
    • Building stable API surfaces that stand the test of time. Understanding REST and web technologies, and how to operate at very large scales with high redundancy and minimal downtime.
  • DevEx/Cloud
    • Experience in reliable and scalable deployment using AWS technologies. Learn best practices in Cloud engineering.
  • Data
    • A dive into how we source, process and analyse market data at scale.
  • OMS (Order Management System)
    • Ingest trade data from various external resources in real-time and pass it through an ETL pipeline.
  • Core Engineering
    • Learn and promote high quality, large scale change across the entire ecosystem. Maintain SLAs through the engineering stack.
  • UI
    • Learn the best-in-class approach to creating vibrant user-interfaces, hosted in the browser, using modern React.
  • Analytics
    • How our analytics library, written in C++, plays a core part in our pricing models.
  • Pricing
    • An introduction into various financial asset classes such as fixed income, interest rate derivatives, equities and credit.

Throughout the year you will have a dedicated line manager, responsible for aiding your continued growth and providing a stable anchor for the scheme. Alongside this, a mentor is assigned from each rotation team to help you navigate the specific domain. Do you want a deeper understanding of how our C++ analytics library works or how our Python SDK produces pricing results? We aim to cater to your interests and make sure you get the most out of your experience as a graduate.

“From the start of the graduate scheme at Coremont I was welcomed to collaborate with friendly co-workers who are always willing to share their knowledge. I have already gained experience working with new technologies such as Cloud services, terraform, and Kafka with guidance from expert mentors. The program offers a balance between working in large and small codebases, giving me a holistic understanding of software development. What sets this scheme apart is its flexibility, allowing me to explore different areas of the company and gain diverse experiences. Overall, it’s an exceptional program for anyone starting their career in software engineering.”William Hirth, 2023 graduate intake


During your graduate year you’ll have access to a range of support for your growth and success. This support consists of both technical and soft skill development, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

On the technical front, there is support in languages such as C#, C++, Python, Java, Scala and JavaScript, along with Cloud technologies, specifically AWS, which includes S3, Lambda, EC2, API Gateway as well as various queueing, streaming and event-based technologies. Soft skills will also be developed by opportunities such as show and tells to showcase the projects you’re working on, and how they will enhance Clarion’s offering to our clients, to the rest of the company. Support for development can come from many places. Line managers, rotation managers and team members will be there to give constructive and useful feedback to help you learn best practices and to get the most out of the graduate year and beyond.

Along with support from peers, you will dive into challenging and significant projects to accelerate your learning journey. This hands-on approach ensures rapid absorption of knowledge while actively contributing to team objectives. You’ll have the opportunity to apply skills to real-world scenarios, reinforcing your understanding and making concrete impact within the team.

What happens at the end of the scheme?

After navigating through a variety of teams and having gained extensive experience and knowledge about Coremont and the technology we use, you will roll off into a more permanent team. You will be responsible for longer lasting projects and will oversee systems that your team manages.

Which team you roll off into is dependent on a few factors. Personal choice of the team plays a significant role in where you will land, as well as which teams need additional help and what current and future projects are planned. Taking all of these points into account, you will be allocated into a team. Work can change based on current project priorities but, by being in a longer lasting team, you will gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the Coremont technology stack while also being able to help others in the context of product work and project functionality around your area of expertise.

“Having joined Coremont as a graduate, I can say with confidence that the rotational program was an outstanding experience. The variety in technologies, coupled with the pace of each rotation, prevented stagnation, and enabled rapid growth in skillset. At present, I am working in the equities analytics team, in which I continue to learn with the support of industry experts, drawing on a strong foundation provided by the graduate scheme, which has given me a robust understanding of how a distributed, highly scalable system operates.”Alex Miles, 2022 graduate intake

Equipped with the knowledge you have gained throughout the year, you will be ready to make a greater impact in the work you do, whilst also continuing to shape and develop your career progression around personal goals and aspirations.

The software engineering graduate role at Coremont, with its blend of practical experience, guided mentorship and exposure to diverse projects, offers a compelling pathway for anyone aspiring to venture into the realm of financial technology.

“The Coremont graduate scheme has proven invaluable. I began to work on meaningful problems immediately and have been given many opportunities to take ownership. Most recently, I have taken an opportunity to move to the US to help build out Coremont’s global network.” – Max Campman, 2020 graduate intake