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Portfolio Management Technology

Clarion by Coremont
  • Comprehensive coverage
    across rates, fixed income, credit, fx, equities, commodities and cryptocurrencies
  • Rich capabilities
    in derivatives modelling
  • Fully hosted
    live pricing and analytics
  • Curated
    by an experienced team of quants and risk professionals

Investment Operations

Investment Operations 1 Investment Operations 3 Investment Operations 2 Trade Processing & Accounting Treasury Risk Services Compliance & Legal Support Investor Relations Services

Investment Operations

Trade Processing & Accounting

  • Automated trade capture: STP integration with all major execution platforms
  • Real-time trade affirmation for all securities and derivatives transactions
  • Reconciliation with all major clearers, counterparties, prime brokers, custodians
  • Event-based processing: corporate actions, expiries, exercises and fixings
  • Maintenance of security master
  • Daily P&L production
  • Reconciliation versus administrator books & records
  • Shadow NAV

Treasury Services

  • Portfolio fx hedging
  • Share class hedging
  • Funding of trading activity across all asset classes
  • Repo and stock borrow
  • Yield enhancement
  • Collateral management

Risk Services

  • Risk limit monitoring
  • VAR analysis
  • Stress testing
  • Counterparty exposure monitoring
  • Liquidity risk monitoring
  • Factor model analysis
  • Leverage monitoring
  • Margin validation
  • Uncleared Margin Rules support
  • P&L attribution
  • Portfolio compression

Compliance & Legal Support

  • Regulatory reporting across all major jurisdictions
  • Disclosures, trade allocation & market abuse monitoring
  • Best execution monitoring
  • Guidance on regulatory applications and policies
  • Support for regulatory examinations and visits
  • Guidance on counterparty terms
  • Guidance on fund structures

Investor Relations Services

  • Preparation and update of marketing materials:
    • Presentations
    • DDQs
    • Newsletters
    • Performance and risk exposure reporting
  • Shareholder tracking and intelligence

Case Studies

  • 1
    Growing Macro Manager
  • 2
    Institutional Equity Investor
  • 3
    Systematic Equity Manager
  • 4
    Agency Broker
Client Challenge
A growing Asia-based macro manager with multiple portfolio managers wished to quickly establish investing and derivatives trading capabilities across global markets in a timely and cost-effective fashion.
Coremont's Solution
Coremont implemented a full service solution with portfolio management in Clarion underpinned by support services across all components of the investment lifecycle: quantitative analysis, risk management, operations, treasury and compliance. Coremont also project-managed the client’s fund launch, coordinating across all service providers, including prime brokers, counterparties, administrator, auditor, legal counsel, fund directors.
Estimated savings to the client of 30% compared to alternative offerings:
  • Requirement for support staff significantly reduced, notably in quant, risk management and ops functions
  • Technology footprint minimised through the web-based deployment of Clarion
Savings further augmented by yield enhancement achieved by Coremont's treasury team through selective investment of client unencumbered cash in global government bonds. Dramatic reduction in the client’s time-to-market, with all aspects of the fund launch coordinated in 2 months. As the client grows, by increasing the number of investment professionals or trading strategies, it will further reap the benefits of Coremont's economies of scale.
Client Challenge
A large multinational firm wished to extend its capabilities in investing and managing live market risk in financial markets with an emphasis on equities, its traditional domain having been in private markets.
Coremont's Solution
Coremont’s end to end solution provided instant access to deep modelling expertise in equities, including options and OTC derivatives, and the capacity to tailor risk reporting to the client’s requirements. Coremont’s full trade life-cycle support, including the deployment of Clarion and dedicated support for the processing of corporate actions and expiries, minimized the client’s operational risk allowing it to focus on its expertise in stock selection and trade structuring. Coremont’s compliance service ensured the effective policing of the client’s disclosure obligations – an acute area of risk for equity managers. Coremont fully on-boarded 2 prime brokers and an administrator in the space of 3 weeks.
Estimated savings to the client of 40%, compared to alternative offerings, and an instant upgrade of the customer's live risk management capabilities, meeting the demands of the client's internal stakeholders for institutional rigour in its trading operations.
Client Challenge
A systematic long/short equity manager with no prior experience of operating a fund and limited expertise in investment operations wished to establish an outsourcing solution that was cost-effective and credentialised its business as it sought to raise assets from institutional investors.
Coremont's Solution
Coremont's post-trade processing capabilities brought instant operational rigour to the customer's investment management process. Coremont helped the client devise a swap-based trading programme across multiple prime brokers that reduced the settlement risk of trading in physical equity markets and attained 100% STP through integration with the customer's third-party electronic execution platform. Coremont coordinated the client's FCA application and supported the client in meeting its ongoing MiFID reporting requirements.
A solution that allows the client to scale by implementing new strategies across all asset classes and to meet the standards of operational robustness demanded by institutional investors.
Client Challenge
An agency broker seeking to expand its rates trading franchise, sought:
  • An OTC derivative pricing solution which would provide timely and accurate valuations across global markets in support of its high volume trading activity
  • Reliable close of business reporting of overnight residual risk
Coremont's Solution
Coremont was able to quickly deploy Clarion's web-based pricing module across a large sales team within the firm and rapidly implemented a set of automated risk and valuation reports tailored to the client's specification.
The client was quickly able to improve the delivery of service to its buy-side clients, as well as augmenting its risk management operations with a view to maintaining minimal market exposure.

News & Insights

When Code Becomes Law: Decentralised Finance and the rise of smart contracts in commerce

Preceding Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the idea that computer codes could monitor, execute and enforce legal agreements was theorised in the ‘90s by a rare species of lawyer able to understand computer science. Thirty years later, and although this technology is still considered by certain lawyers as sorcery, these modern forms of legal instruments have materialised, developed and prospered in the digital era. Coremont Legal Counsel, Gabriel Mezhrahid, explores the rise of smart contracts in this article from Coremont. From what smart contracts are, through their history and importance, to legal considerations; this insight piece covers everything you should know When Code Becomes Law.

The article is available to download in full by filling in the form below.

LIBOR Reform Update – November 2021

With Libor and EONIA discontinuation imminent, Coremont’s latest whitepaper provides an overview of the remaining milestones for 2021. The whitepaper also details the additional support that has been added to Coremont’s market-leading portfolio management technology, Clarion.

The article is available to download in full by filling in the form below.

UMR Implementation

Phase 5 of the Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) came into effect on 1 September 2021. There is now less than a year for those in scope for Phase 6 to implement their own UMR plans, including new operational processes, technologies, and counterparty negotiations. Coremont led the implementation of UMR for Brevan Howard, the first buy side firm in scope for UMR Phase 3. In this article we share some of the insights that we’ve gathered over the course of multiple implementations, focusing on the less obvious aspects of UMR.

The article is available to download in full by filling in the form below.

Crypto Modelling: an Institutional Framework

Bitcoin DV01 and Crypto Risk Management

Search the internet for 'cryptocurrency portfolio management' and a wealth of well-meaning enthusiasts are cementing misconceptions about the appropriate valuation and risk treatment of digital assets. By addressing a few of the more common misunderstandings in this article, we hope to help advance the evolution of cryptocurrency investments as an institutional asset class.

The article is available to download in full by filling in the form below.

LIBOR Reform Update

The second half of 2021, sees an increasing number of milestones on the road to Libor discontinuation. Coremont’s latest whitepaper sets out the latest Libor landscape, including key regulatory and market developments and how fallback analytics can be accessed via Coremont’s portfolio management technology, Clarion.

The article is available to download in full by filling in the form below.

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